With a qualified and highly motivated-passionate team, we quest for excellence in delivering quality products for the hospitality industry which include: hotels, restaurants, lodges and furnished cottages / apartments. We supply a variety of high quality hospitality products such as; kitchen equipment, table cutlery, table linen, bed-room linen, bath-room linen and amenities, staff uniforms and other essentials.
Misri International takes pride in supplying the finest Egyptian quality hospitality products to the East African market. We are here for all your hospitality needs.
Run by a dynamic and unique concept of “Egyptian-Kenyan” inspiration, MISRI International brings forth an elegant Egyptian brand with the warm Kenyan culture and is well versed with the Kenyan hospitality industry. Merging the expertise from both worlds ensures a high level of quality and efficiency that leads to client satisfaction each time Misri International is selected as your hospitality supplier.

Our Values

  1. Values

    Our corporate culture is defined by our values

  2. Quality

    All our products are guaranteed to be of high quality and tailored to suit every clients’ needs.

  3. Integrity

    We honour our clients and cherish their business morals and values.

  4. Entrepreneurship

    With an in-depth knowledge of both markets, we successfully bring closer the Egyptian hospitality brand to the Kenyan and East African markets.

  5. Passion

    We carry out each specific detail to the core, we take great pride in our client service and deliver what is promised.

  6. Respect

    our friendly customer service creates a close and lasting bond with our esteemed clients. We treasure and respect all clients no matter the size of their business or the order placed.

Our Vision

To provide a unique selection of high quality hospitality products with a merge of elegance and affordability


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